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Tell your story with visual content

The BIG Movie Company believes that every brand has a story to tell, whether you have a product, service or destination. If your current branding campaigns are not helping you to stand out, then how can your business to grow. Rather than getting lost in a sea of content, you probably need to try something that you haven’t done before.

We specialise in Entertainment Branding campaigns that get your brand noticed. Content needs to be entertaining and emotive for the audience to pay any attention.

Partner with us on your next campaign from concept to delivery.


What can The Big Movie Company do for you?

We handle all aspects of the creative process. From pre-production to final delivery. We also know more than just how to shoot video. Our expertise includes branding, social media, and digital distribution. This allows us to provide our clients with many different options for their projects.

They say that the real story comes out in the editing room. We are masters when it comes to post-production, and strive for quality in our projects. We are equipped with the latest video applications and the most powerful hardware we can get our hands on. This helps us save you time, money and produce video you will be proud to have.




Script Writing

Story Boarding

Location Scouting

Set Design

Props Building



Production & Directing

Film & TV



Social Media Content

Web Content


Event Coverage

Music Videos



Motion Graphics & Animation

Colour Correction

Sound Mixing

Music Tracks







Social Media




TV , web, social media & cinema advertising

Film & TV production

Feature films, short films, documentaries, TV pilots and webisodes


Training videos, induction courses, product or service demonstrations, E learning and online courses

Corporate video

Online video marketing for your brand, product or service: video profiles, viral videos, case studies and testimonials

Event coverage

Video coverage, behind the scenes, interviews and vox pops


2D and 3D

Music videos

Compliment your music with strong, creative visuals that link the two arts together.


Event coverage & behind the scenes

Social media

Packages designed to create a series of short videos that can be pumped through your social media channels to improve your online presence

Meet the team leaders

Brad Diebert

Brad Diebert

Brad has worked in the film industry for over 15 years. He started working in the Art Department on BIG studio films such as The Matrix, Matrix 2 & 3; Farscape; Mr Accident; Anna and the King; Red Planet; Angst; Moulin Rouge; Starwars 2; Subtereano; Superman Returns and the Australian Independent film The Oyster Farmer.

Tania Marino

Tania Marino

Tania started her career in front of a camera as a fashion model for Ursula Hufnagel’s Elite Modelling agency in Sydney and then moved into the high end fashion industry working in buying, merchandising, sales and marketing.

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